Amy Van Gundy


Coach Amy is originally from North Dakota, and through her life has lived in many states including Montana and Arizona where she pursued multiple Master degrees in Science and Education. In 2016 Amy brought her family to Las Vegas to support her husband Brent’s career in the Forest Service. A lifelong athlete with credits including being a part of a nationally-ranked competitive figure skating team, a varsity soccer athlete, and a wildland firefighter, Amy had been following CrossFit programming in her garage for years. When Amy began work as a Chemistry and Biotechnology teacher at Rancho High School in 2016, a mutual friend introduced her to Coach Michelle. Amy quickly acquired both her L1 and Kids CF certs in 2016 and became a regular coach with the Rancho HS CrossFit Club. In addition to her professional work and her dedication to her 3 wonderful kids and husband, Amy found the time to expand her coaching work to include training athletes at ITCF in 2017. Amy says she loves the CrossFit program “because there is always something to improve on. No matter how good you are getting, something can always kick your butt. It is a good challenge mentally and physically”.