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"Rowling Game"

For time

With 1-2 partners, 1000 meter row for time.....rowling style:
*Partner 1 rows 100 meters.
*Every meter above or below 100 equates to a burpee penalty which both athletes perform.
*No reset of the monitor.
*Partner 2 rows to 200 meters.
*Every meter above or below 200 equates to a burpee penalty which both athletes perform.
*Continue in this fashion until goal meters are met and all penalty burpees have been performed.

6:00 time cap. 7 burpees is the limit on any penalty.


EMOM 20:00
Minute 1- 3 Shoulder press
Minute 2- 10 Strict dips (rings or parallel bars)
Minute 3- 20/15 calorie row or bike
Minute 4- Rest

Compare to 5/29/18 score
*Today is for consistent competition, however, log the heaviest load used on the shoulder press.




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