Devany Book

Devany Book


My heaviest lifts I have ever done are:

Squat: 235

Deadlift: 335

Bench: 210


CrossFit Level 1 Cert and some school for Health and Human Performance

About Coach

I have always worked out and/or been active; from playing all kinds of sports like soccer, basketball, and volleyball to weight lifting in high school. I don’t think I can think of a time when I wasn’t doing something. Working out is a passion of mine and it led me to want to help people reach their goals also. That’s why I now coach CrossFit. I may not know how to do everything, but I will always try to teach it and when I get stuck, I’ll ask questions from people who have more experience than I do. I’ve only been coaching for a little over a year, but it has become something I absolutely love.

Turning Point

A few big turning points in my life were when I didn’t make the volleyball team junior year in high school. Volleyball was/is something that I love to do and it crushed me when I didn’t make the team. It makes someone feel like they aren’t good enough, but at the end of the day everyone and every coach look for different things and there will always be someone better than you. But when you realize it’s not about other people and it’s you against you, you become the best version of yourself. I have always had a lot of self-doubts, when it comes to CrossFit, trying to max out on a lift, etc… but I have realized that the worst you can do is fail. And after that, you just work harder and never stop trying. You’re never going to be the best at everything, so work on the weaknesses you wanna work on and become who you want to be at the end of the day. Your goals are different than everyone else’s.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to teach people things that they don’t know. I LOVE coaching new members that have never lifted before or don’t have much experience in it. It challenges me as a coach but also humbles me too. When I see someone PR a lift or do really well on a lift they’ve never done before, I get excited for them. I love seeing the glow on people's faces when they do something that they think they couldn’t do. I have had old coaches push me like that and that’s what I inspire to always be.

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