Jamie Hand

Jamie Hand


Mile time: 6:55

Deadlift: 405 (lifetime PR)

Grace: 2:19

Squat Clean: 185


CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Nutrition Certification

Personal Training and Group Training certification.

About Coach

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA. I played sports my entire life, but the one that turned out to be a true love was soccer. I played soccer on a club team, for my middle school team, and my high school team, and then earned a scholarship to play soccer for my college (GO DAWGS!). I was a captain on the Varsity soccer team, as a freshman, in my high school and remained a captain all 4 years. I was one of the youngest girls on my college team to be in the starting lineup as a freshman. I loved everything about soccer! I gave up soccer to move to Japan where I then had my daughter. The two greatest achievements in my life were soccer and my daughter. They both have a strong part in making me the coach I am today.

Turning Point

Playing a sport in high school, or in college is very grueling as it is. I have been competitive my entire life, and I will always give my all on the field. One day I went just a bit too hard and tore my ACL, which ended my season for me. I came back the next year stronger than ever and still with the,” I can be the best” mentality. Fast forward to halfway through the season and I ended up tearing my ACL and my MCL in the exact same knee, completing my season again. I was heartbroken and devastated and told my mom I was never touching a soccer ball again. My soccer career was over. After seeing all the support I had from my coaches, my club teams, my high school teammates, and the love they all showered me with, I decided to go back my senior year and try out yet again. I made the varsity team again and again and was named captain. I was awarded the “most inspirational Player” of the year for my determination and drive, after three season-ending injuries. That same senior year, I was scouted and offered a full-ride scholarship to play for my college! The life lesson I learned and cherished through this was, it’s okay to be down, but it’s also okay to accept help when you can’t help yourself. Always believe in yourself because there are a lot of people who also believe in you. Work hard, know your limitations at the correct times, and always remember to have as much fun as possible because anything can happen tomorrow.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to watch members grow, reach goals and conquer fears every single day. I coach to teach my daughter that living a healthy lifestyle and having fun are the two most important factors in life. At any age, your body can do absolutely amazing things if you are just willing to give it a try!

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