John Male

John Male


Squat 335

Deadlift 415

Strict Press 195

Clean and Jerk 265

Snatch 195

Bench Press 315


Crossfit Level 2



Rowing Certs

About Coach

I played high school football and Air Force Varsity Rugby, along with playing D1 rugby locally in Las Vegas. I have been training with CROSSFIT since 2013 while serving overseas and in the states.

Turning Point

Serving in the Air Force requires me to stay physically fit and as I got older staying that way got tougher. Crossfit broke a cycle of on-and-off training and enabled me to get back after lifting heavy weights. Before I started training with CrossFit I couldn’t reach a full squat and definitely not with any real weight on it while dealing with horrible back pain. Training has relieved my back pain and has kept me mobile and strong enough to continue to serve while enjoying every day as I did in my 20s.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching keeps me engaged with my fellow athletes and it continues to bring me joy watching all of them conquer movements and strengths they never thought they could do.

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