JoLynn Reddon

JoLynn Reddon

Head Coach/Owner


CrossFit L2

Certificates in Nutrition

CrossFit Gymnastics and Mobility

About Coach

Coach JoLynn is originally from Gardnerville, Nevada. JoLynn has lived in Las Vegas since 1995. Growing up JoLynn played co-ed soccer.

Turning Point

Prior to discovering CrossFit JoLynn tried many types of exercise programs, but none held her interest. Working out would feel boring, or like a punishment, and JoLynn would end up quitting the activity. Finally, JoLynn found CrossFit, and she fell in love with it. The exercise was no longer a chore, in fact, she looked forward to every class.

Motivation & Passion

JoLynn became so passionate about fitness that she ultimately lost 80 pounds and competed in an NPC bikini competition in 2014 where she won 3rd place in her division. JoLynn’s passion for the benefits of CrossFit led her to open her own CrossFit gym in 2014. JoLynn is a Mother to three beautiful children and wife to co-owner and Coach Mark Reddon. You can read about JoLynn’s amazing transformation at and see her featured in Shape and Women’s Fitness RX magazines.

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