Michele Salgado


Coach Michele was born in Oceanside, California but spent her childhood and school years in Central America. Growing up in Nicaragua, Michele learned both Spanish and English as her first languages. In 2009 Michele moved to Las Vegas to begin her teaching career and earn her Masters in Education from UNLV. Michele had not participated in sports growing up, and when she walked into her first CrossFit gym in 2011 with her roommate she was “at ground zero”. For those of you who have seen Michele doing CrossFit competitions or topping the leaderboard it may be hard to imagine, but when she first started CrossFit, Michele was physically unable to lift her own barbell out of the rack or run 400 meters without stopping. That first WOD changed her outlook on everything. In 2012 Michele earned her CF L1 and began coaching at EDS CrossFit. Two years later, Michele paired her love of youth education with coaching and earned her CF Kids certification as well. Michele developed and ran the CF Kids program at EDS CrossFit as well as continuing to coach adult classes. Michele joined ITCF as a member in 2015. She was a regular at WODS even working out regularly throughout her pregnancy. Michele and her husband Jose welcomed baby Troy to the family at the end of 2016, and Michele finally joined the ITCF coaching team. Michele “loves the community, loves being with a group of like-minded people who care about their health and fitness, and the camaraderie of the group workouts.” When Michele describes her feelings about CrossFit, she says “I never did team sports, THIS is my team sport”.